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Let medicinal plants get in tune with your physiology and restore natural balance.

Would you like to grow your medicine?

The possibilities are endless.

Let me be your guide.

I am Caversham based Medical Herbalist and member of NIMH with passion for locally grown medicinal plants.

Dear visitor, my practice in the UK is currently closed. Please feel free to drop me an email with your query. Many thanks, Miska

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Truly safe and effective herbs grow everywhere we look. Some of their secrets we might never uncover but if there is an ideal treatment working in complete union with our own body, it is herbal medicine. We evolved alongside each other following the law of reciprocity.

Where invasive techniques are not necessary, herbal medicine delivers safe and effective methods for addressing variety of conditions and can be prescribed alongside conventional medication under the supervision of medical herbalist.

Medicinal action of herbs works well for addressing chronic problems but can also be used to tackle acute situations or prevent them from occurring. Cooperation with your doctor in complex cases is essential to help your body achieve its optimal state.

Herbal medicine works best when it becomes part of our lives, so don’t be afraid to smell it, taste it, drink it, have it in a cream, use it in your cooking and more, I am here to show you how.

For more information, please contact me at Please note that my practice in the UK is currently closed. 

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"Michaela worked with Hemdean House School during Forest School lessons to bring an insight into the bounty that nature provides in the world around us.  The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring Nettles and Dandelions in detail to understand their medicinal and culinary uses.  Michaela spent time with children from Reception to Year 6 and explained scientific details in an easy to understand way relevant to the children's age.  Using fieldwork, microscopes, drawing, pictures and tasting Michaela's extensive knowledge and engaging lessons created a real buzz around school and developed the children's understanding and desire to learn more.  They also learnt to distinguish between similar looking plants which was an amazing life skill. We were all astounded by how much we learnt about these natural herbs and we can not wait for our next workshop."

Helen I., Hemdean house school

"Michaela is a gifted herbalist and brilliant at what she does. I came to her seeking help with persistent severe abdominal pain and difficulty passing the urine. My GP kept unsuccessfully treating it as a UTI, prescribing one antibiotic after the other. Michaela invested a lot of time into truly understanding the issue and carefully supplied the herbs which eliminated the problem in just 2 days! The ultrasound scan later showed the pain was caused by ureter stones. I am so incredibly grateful to Michaela for her thorough consultation and knowledgeable, professional and caring approach. Thank you Miska!"


‘Both my son and me really enjoyed it. It actually inspired him to know more herbs and plants.  We wish there will be further sessions in future.  Thank you for organising it.’


‘We loved the session! It was very informative. The garden is absolutely lovely and learning all about elderberries was very beneficial. We will defiantly be elderberry hunting in the coming days.’


‘We really enjoyed the gardening session today. We've learnt a lot about elder berries and the elder trees,  where to find them, how to make a syrup and a tea and the medicinal benefits of them.  Gabrielle enjoyed smashing the berries and painting with the juice and leaving to rub the leaves on the paper sheet to make it green. She loved the taste of the elder berries juice and didn't want to share it with me. And I'm looking forward to foraging the elder berries and making a syrup that will hopefully get us thorough the all colds in the wintertime.’


‘It was a really interesting session that was very well delivered by Miska. The hour flew by.’

Parents' feedback for Herbal School at Erleigh Community Garden in Reading



Diploma in herbal medicine accredited by National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) requires completion of a 3-year degree level qualification comprising pharmacology, herbal preparations, clinical application of herbs, human anatomy and physiology, research, pathology and diagnostics, clinical examination, 500 clinical hours and other related subjects. Following qualifications, becoming member of the NIMH (MNIMH) allows medical herbalists to grow professionally and practice safely while being able to diagnose, prescribe and dispense different forms of herbal medications for their patients. Professional insurance is required in order to practice as a Medical Herbalist. 

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To learn more about how herbal medicine can be beneficial for you, get in touch.

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