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Short 20 minutes consultations for seasonal problems when dealing with colds, coughs or flu symptoms. 

Full-length initial consultation may take up to 90 minutes, during which your current health state will be explored in detail. You might be examined, and some personal information will be collected from you based on legal requirements for medical practitioners. 

​Online versus in person consultations – how to decide?

Face to face consultation is a preferential way of providing all kinds of therapies. It helps build mutual trust and promotes healing environment. Online consultation enables you to have your consultation from the warmth of your home or in evening hours.  

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Miska Kuzmiakova, Consultant Medical Herbalist, MNIMH

With medicinal plants from my garden - Can you name them all?

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Fee structure

Short consultation for seasonal problems - £20

Full-length consultation - pay what you can afford sliding scale £60-£100 for a 90-minute appointment. 

Medication for 1 month – from £10 (dried herbs for herbal teas) and from £35 (for herbal extracts), contact me for different or more complex products.

Follow up consultations – from £20 for a 15-minute session, dispensing included.

When thinking about fees, consider that once your consultation ends, your medical herbalist might need more time to research your medical condition, consult latest research and possible herb-drug interactions. Preparation of your individual treatment takes time and serious consideration.

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Data Privacy Policy

As a medical practitioner, my aim is to collect only the information that are needed in order to provide safe and effective care. Data collected during consultations becomes part of medical records. 

I will never pass personal data of my patients in any way or form to any third party. If I need to contact another healthcare professional, I will never do so without my patients prior consent. 
I have put in place appropriate measures to protect personal data of my patients. 

By law medical files have to be kept for 6 years after your final treatment. Medical files of children have to be kept for 6 years after their 18th birthday.
After the above retention period ends, files and any copies will be safely destroyed.

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

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