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More ways to stay healthy

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

1. Move – YOGA is a gentle exercise which balances our bodies – For years I have been exercising with the Bad Yogi – try this 15-minute Youtube video

2. Be mindful – Mindfulness classes offered locally or try meditation.

3. Spend time outside – go for a walk every week and join us for an herbal walk to meet somebody new.

4. Give your digestion a healthy start and drink a cup of water in the morning, approximately 30 minutes before having breakfast. Be loving to your digestion in the evening as well and don't eat after 7PM.

5. Aim for multicoloured foods on your plate - the more variety, the more benefits for your body.

6. Grow your own food or learn about responsible and safe foraging.

7. For a multitude of benefits, but maily to support liver and kidney health, avoid sweets containing glucose-fructose syrup, fizzy drinks and crisps.

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