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Turkey tails - rotting weirdness or heavenly gift?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Turkey tail (Trametes or Coriolus versicolor)

AKA Immuniny enhancing friend, not shy at all, growing boldly on dead wood in your garden or in the nearby woods. The underside is white with pores that do not discolor after scratching.

This jewel is applicable not only for those battling chronic fatigue but also for people recovering from viral illnesses including those suffering from Long Covid - Turkey tail will bring back the energy and invigorate the spirit.

It has been extensively studied for its ability to ameliorate chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects while significantly increasing survival in certain cancers (stomach, colorectal, lung, oesophageal, nasopharyngeal, cervical and breast) when used in combination with conventional treatment.

Throwing into the cauldron few more superpowers!

This mushroom can reduce Herpes simplex virus outbreaks, protects the liver, improves functioning of blood vessels and sensitizes those badass antibiotic resistant microbes to antibiotic treatment.

Its taste is sweetish, creamy, slightly warm, chewy and mushroomy. Side note - When a herbalist says sweet taste, that does not mean sweet for normal human beings. Key components are polysaccharides (mainly krestin known as PSK) and sterols including beta sitosterol. The dose is adjusted based on individual needs and the form taken, e.g. dried mushroom powder versus a high potency extract. This mushroom is very safe with generally no side effects.

There are many ways to take it. You can simply add an extract to coffee, cocoa or smoothie. Dried mushrooms can be added to soups or made into a decoction (a tea-like drink). Remember, this mushroom is woody so take it out from your soup before eating.

A shout out to the company I ordered Turkey tail extract from - I consider it to be good quality and reasonable price, use the link below for 10% off Na'vi Organics ->

For more information, check out Medicinal mushrooms - A clinical guide from M. Powell or Medicinal mushrooms and exploration of tradition, healing culture by Christopher Hobbs.

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Everything around us is alive.

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