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Why consult a Medical Herbalist?

1. KNOWLEDGE - Plants are natures wonder creation. Apart from vitamins and minerals, they contain various chemicals that mimic specific molecules in our bodies. In this way, every herb offers a unique medicinal action, which we sometimes refer to as plants “character”. Getting to know these actions deeply and learning how to use them in combinations for patients’ benefit is what medical herbalists do.

2. MEDICATION - By consulting a medical herbalist, you will have a chance to address various concerns in an herbal preparation that suits your lifestyle. Prescription can be in a form of liquid extract, cream, capsule, spray, oil, dried herbs for making tea or something extra designed for your needs.

3. CLINICAL EXAMINATION – Measuring blood pressure and heart rate is a part of every consultation. If indicated, medical herbalist can perform as well cardiovascular, respiratory, abdominal, musculoskeletal or nervous system examination.

4. NUTRITION – Healthy diet is essential, and a medical herbalist can help you broaden your horizons in what you eat while naturally leaving out burdening foods.

5. SIDE EFFECTS – Your medical herbalist is trained to anticipate and prevent side effects from occurring.

6. QUALITY of prescribed medicine is at our heart. To prevent low quality or adulterations of the plant material, our suppliers have strict quality control practices in place. And so do we when gathering and processing our plants.

7. NEW INSIGHTS – get fresh ideas, grow your own medicine, get to know your local wild plants and much more!

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